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Trench-box-safety-checklist, sunyocfehs/draft trenchcheatsheet0211 trenching/excavation inspection check list good problem na competent person 1. Excavation checklist (to be completed by a competent person) indicate for each item: yes - no - or n/a for not applicable . 1. general inspection of jobsite:, trenching and excavation safety u.s. department of labor occupational safety and health administration osha 2226-10r 2015. It is well understood that the use of shoring equipment requires regular inspection and maintenance. understanding how to inspect a shoring device, what needs to be focused on and how to make practical decisions about what is observed is not so clear. steel shoring shields have very long life times, […], daily trench inspection form yes no n/a wet conditions precautions taken to protect employees from accumulation of water water removal equipment monitored by competent person.

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